Being healthy: The things nobody talks about by Rita Coutinho

Nowadays, it is very common to hear about the importance of being healthy and everyone around us reinforces the urgency of taking care of our health. We hear “Now I am healthy: I no longer eat sugar, gluten, or lactose ”is quite common. However, when referring to being healthy , most people think of feeling good about the body and clothes they wear, without complexes.

What does “being healthy” really mean?

When it comes to being healthy, it is important to clarify some concepts. We say daily phrases like: “I don’t eat white rice because it is not good for health”, “I only eat dark bread because it is healthier” or “I will run because it is healthy”. In fact, we do all this because we are terribly afraid of the summer, of wearing shorts or a bikini and being criticized.

Several times, we do more intense training to compensate for that sweet that we can’t resist and we give so much of us that we don’t have the energy to do anything else. We no longer have time to have a conversation with the family and we prefer to spend hours on social media than to see bloggers with “perfect” bodies who only post healthy foods .ser saudável

We are convinced that, to be like those women and have a similar body, we can only eat “healthy meals” and exercise every day. But will that be healthy?

Don’t beat yourself! Being healthy is much more than having a sculptural body

Every time you can’t resist food, or don’t train because you’re tired, think: “I’m so weak … Tomorrow I have to train twice and eat half!”. Am I right?

There are several thoughts defeatists that go through our heads and the problem is that, when repeated too often, we start to like us less and less.

I was like that too. She believed that she was weak, that she was the only one who did not control gluttony and that she would never be healthy . Today, I can put it into perspective and I would like to tell you that:

  • It is not weak;
  • Is not lazy;
  • She is not the only one with uncontrollable desires;
  • She is not the only one who loves sweets or fast food ;
  • Nor is she the only one who thinks “lost by 100, lost by 1,000”.

There’s nothing wrong with you! The only problem is being constantly in control, restricting and prohibiting. By wanting to be healthy and have a healthy body, he created a sick mind. I am sure that you make several mistakes that I would like to help you solve by presenting you with some suggestions.

7 Tips to be healthier and happier

1. Be sure to eat carbohydrates

Your brain needs them. If you want, give preference to those that come from nature, like rice and potatoes, but do not eliminate them.

2. Do not define prohibited foods

The more you say “no”, the more your brain will say “yes”. Remember: restriction creates compulsion.

3. You will not stop being healthy by eating “unhealthy” foods

Keep your healthy mind and understand that it is better to eat a little less “less healthy” food than kilos of supposedly healthy ones.

4. Do not train to punish yourself

Move through something that gives you pleasure! You can dance, stretch or walk, but take care of your body as it is your temple.

5. Don’t compare yourself to anyone and believe in yourself

Be nice to yourself, pamper yourself, be patient and take care of yourself. We are all here for a reason, we all have a purpose. You just haven’t discovered yours yet because you haven’t looked for it! Seek knowledge, read, experience new things, make a list of things you haven’t done yet and would like to do. You will see that it will be worth it!

6. Thank small achievements

Smile to the world and be grateful for the little things. The more you are thanked, the more the universe offers you.

7. Invest in self-knowledge

Make a list with your qualities and another with your defects. Think about the aspects to improve, your goals, objectives, desires, dreams and reflect on some attitudes. Ask yourself and learn. Evolve and live in the present moment.

Life is wonderful when we realize that food is not the only pleasure. Believe! Trust! Life is Beautiful! If you haven’t realized it yet, you may have been distracted, lost in the opinion of others and in the plans they have for you instead of yours.

Life is not to be lived with sacrifice, nor is it to be a constant struggle. Life is light! We all matter, we are unique and capable of everything. If you were lost, welcome back!