Training errors that make results unfeasible by Joana Breda

Many people complain that they cannot achieve the desired results with the training they do! But is training not having an effect or that the mistakes made before and after training invalidate the effort made?

We must be aware that the training represents, in the vast majority, 1 hour of our day. What will really make us achieve results, or not, is what we will do in the remaining 23 hours.

So where can I go wrong? What can I do to avoid making mistakes in training that could compromise the results I want to achieve?erros treino

Main mistakes made before training

1. Go training without eating

It is important to eat something before training, always giving time between digestion and training time.

2. Eating at the time of training

You should finish your meal at least 1 hour before training.

3. Not having a training plan

It is essential to have a training plan appropriate to your current physical condition and goals for better results.

4. Do not pre-heat

It is important to prepare the body for training, avoiding a very common mistake. This helps to prevent possible injuries.

5. Do not wear appropriate footwear

It is very important to wear shoes suitable for sports. Wear comfortable shoes , which does not interfere with the flexibility of the foot and which offers firmness to the heel. It is essential that the foot is as flat as possible and is not suitable for tennis with an air box. Inappropriate use of shoes compromises postures, can cause back pain , on the feet and cause injuries.

Main mistakes made during training

1. Stop as soon as you start to feel pain

It is normal to feel discomfort in the muscle group you are training, but you should not stop as soon as you feel it, as this is the only way to allow yourself to evolve.

2. Apnea while performing the exercises

It is very important to learn to breathe while performing the exercises. Apnea during them causes blood pressure to skyrocket. This is dangerous, especially for the elderly and people with cardiovascular problems , such as hypertension.

3. Failure to respect the order of the training plan

Failing to follow your training plan in the recommended order is a mistake, as all training has a logical sequence that must be respected.

4. Do not control rest times

Generally, where you make the most mistakes during training is during rest times, ending up resting more than you think. Control and respect the rest between sets and exercises ! 1 minute is 1 minute, 30 seconds is 30 seconds. By not respecting the rest time, it calls into question all the training and its objectives.

5. Don’t hydrate yourself

water intake is essential for good performance. You should drink about 100 ml every 15 minutes of training. Attention to the clothes used during sports!

6. Do not try hard when doing some exercise that you don’t like

Sometimes, when we are going to do an exercise that we don’t like so much, there is a habit of trying to do it as quickly as possible to dispatch or even rest more between sets! Remember that it is outside our comfort zone that we have evolved.

7. Prioritize weight, jeopardizing posture in exercises

A lot of people sin for giving too much importance to the weight they support in a given movement / exercise. This is a frequent mistake in training.

Weight is important, but it is not essential! Components like the amplitude and cadence of a given movement / exercise are much more important and are compromised when associated with a very high load.

Putting on more weight than is right for you will compromise your posture during exercise and there is a high risk of contracting injuries .

8. Wear warm clothes or waterproof jackets to sweat more

This is a very common training mistake made mainly by people who want to lose fat . It is often thought that the more you sweat the more fat mass you will lose, but it is a completely wrong idea!

You should wear fresh clothes during the practice of the activity, otherwise you run a great risk of dehydrating and compromising your training.

9. Put too much importance on cardio and forget about weight training or vice versa

A well-trained weight training at the right intensity can be more intense and even cause a higher caloric expenditure than a cardio workout.

Main mistakes made after training

1. Follow a diet during the week and abuse on party days or weekends

It is important to have variety in your eating routine, but you shouldn’t go overboard on party days so as not to jeopardize the work done during the week.

2. Do not stretch

Stretching should be light, of less articular amplitude and of shorter duration, meeting the objective of contributing to muscle recovery . It should not cause pain or discomfort, on the contrary, it should promote relief.

3. Do not follow a balanced and varied diet

Limiting your menu will make you fed up with what you eat and can result in binge eating.

4. Not eating many hours after training

It is not recommended to go too long without eating after training. The lack of nutrients makes it impossible for the muscle to recover and there may be a risk of hipoglycaemia , caused by the lack blood sugar. This can cause dizziness and even fainting.

5. Eating a post-workout meal completely unbalanced

It is a huge mistake, after training, to eat fast food or a meal completely out of the “healthy” context, as you will call into question all the effort made previously.

6. Wanting to repeat the same training in a row

It is wrong to train the same muscle group every day. The body needs rest, because it is in rest that the muscle recovers.

7. Not getting enough hours

The lack of hours of sleep affects weight loss, as it causes a reduction in energy expenditure. In addition, it can alter the functioning of metabolism and interfere with mood, among other factors. The recommended for an adult is to sleep 7 / 8h daily .

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