5 Basic sportswear items to have in your closet

In our blog, we have been referring to the importance that sportswear has gained in recent years. For regular gymnasts, it is essential to invest some time thinking about what to wear, what sneakers to choose or how to comb their hair.

The women who train frequently are, today, women who like themselves, who pamper themselves, who want to be beautiful on any and all occasions. So forget it, old clothes are no longer useful!

Feeling good during training does not necessarily mean spending a lot of hours thinking about it. Getting the ideal look for the ginásio is easier than it looks and there are some tips you can and should follow. Choose a series of basic pieces to make different combinations and let your imagination run wild!roupa desportiva

Reserve a part of your closet for sportswear

As with the rest of the wardrobe, the organization is halfway to defining the looks that it will use during physical activity. We suggest that you reserve, inside your closet, an area that is entirely dedicated to sportswear. You will see that this management will be much easier.

In order to facilitate combination , select some basics to be able to combine with one or another keypiece . We have already agreed that the time is long gone when we all trained in black tracksuits and white t-shirts. But having a white t-shirt or top and black leggings is essential to define our coordinates.

We chose 5 basic pieces , within the fitness universe, which cannot be missing in your closet.

1. Leggings

Having basic leggings is absolutely essential. This piece of clothing, in addition to being extremely comfortable /> , is very versatile and will allow you to create a series of combinations. With black leggings you will always achieve different looks, betting on bold t-shirts or more colorful sneakers.

Our suggestion is to look for a leggings model that focuses on fabric quality and design . For example, choose a black piece that has some details /b> that distinguishes it. A tulle detail or a laser cut can make a difference, while your leggings are no longer discretas . Try it and don’t be afraid to take a chance!

It is not news that we are definitely fans of leggings! And we attach so much importance to this piece of clothing that we really think it can be used inside and outside the gym.

2. Colorful t-shirt

It is very practical to have some basic t-shirts in different colors in your closet. Sports clothing has tended more and more to bold tones and patterns , but we are of the opinion that the basics always work. And basic doesn’t necessarily mean black or white.

If you like colorful and patterned leggings, combine them with plain t-shirts and good sneakers. Invest mainly in t-shirts made with technical fabrics , which allow quick drying and improve their performance.

3. Basic top with support

One of the main factors to take into account when buying sportswear is to choose tops or bras with good support. It is essential to feel good during physical activity. So look for bras that offer great chest support .

You can choose a top that works as an alternative to t-shirts. For example, a basic top, in one color, that is not as bold as a sports bra because it covers a little more than just the chest. You will definitely feel comfortable and, at the same time, sexy during training.

4. Oversize jackets or sweaters

To match your tight leggings, nothing better than a wide sweater or jacket. Choose a oversize sweater , with or without hood, or a basic bomber . In addition to being comfortable, these pieces will add a lot of style to your fitness look.

5. Specialized sneakers

The sneakers we use are indispensable to ensure good performance during training. Before choosing your own, pay attention to the type of exercises you are going to practice. For example, if running is one of your main activities, opt for light sneakers and with good cushioning . From the simplest to the most daring, there are many options on the market, but always seek advice from a professional.

At Oito.Um , we do our best to offer our customers comfortable, high quality parts. In our online store you will find sportswear that will help you achieve your goals.

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