Postpartum is not always pink! by GetFit

Dealing with the postpartum is not always easy for new moms. This moment can be as pleasant and romantic as it is full of doubts and frustrations. Therefore, being properly informed is essential to face the months after your baby’s birth in the best way.

Pregnancy is a magical moment in the life of most women. From the moment we discover that we are going to be mothers, our subconscious feeds and lives the dreams of maternity . We want to have the baby on our lap and make him happy forever … and this whole experience is stunning. Even if it isn’t at all times!

Everything is worth it when, finally, we have the baby in our arms. But, if in the first days of the baby’s life we ​​are still feeling the effects of adrenaline and anesthetized by the moment, a lot can change in the times that follow.pós-parto

4 Changes you will experience in the postpartum

1. The body has changed. Enough!

Of course, the past 9 months have had a considerable impact on your body. And, now that the baby is gone, he wants his “old body” back . It goes without saying that this process will take some time. But experience has taught us that, at the end of the first 2 months, most mothers expect to have recovered their physical form .

The bad news is that it will most likely take longer than that. The good news is that if there is a job well done before delivery and you resume adequate physical activity – preferably accompanied by a specialist – your condition and body after delivery may be better than they were before you became pregnant.

2. Good humor has lived through better days

Postpartum is strenuous for us women. After spending 9 limited months, we are not psychologically prepared for a few more months of deprivation, dependence, obligations, impositions, limitations, etc.

In fact, that’s what can happen to us. And here, we cannot be afraid of asking for help , asking for company and demanding companionship. We are strong, we are superwomen, but we need support from our family and our true friends.

3. Some pain… and more pain

After the baby is born, there are pains that are inherent in childbirth. These depend a lot on the type of delivery and how it went.

Then, regardless of the delivery, there are pains that are more noticeable due to the postures we assume when we are giving a breast or a lap . In some women, the pain is only in the back, but in others the pain can also be felt in the pulses or shoulders , which are very requested joints during these moments.

4. The pelvic floor is weaker

This set of muscles is responsible for maintaining the utero , the bladder , the vagina and reto in their places, among other functions. During pregnancy and labor, there is a huge change in this area, becoming weaker.

If recovery is not well done, the most normal thing is for a woman to start experiencing leakage , even when making small efforts – like laughing or lifting a minimum weight.

A final word from the GetFit team

Our goal in writing this text and talking openly about the less pink side of postpartum is to prepare women and future mothers for a phase of their lives that may have more complications than they expected.

As specialists in the preparation çã the woman for childbirth and in its postpartum recovery , we are faced with a huge lack of information about these situations. This leads many mothers to be little prepared for this reality, causing postpartum depressions , which are quite common, but can be reduced if the mother is prepared.


Over the years, we have specialized in preparing women for childbirth and in their recovery, and the results are quite evident. Who better prepares for this event more easily has deal with the postpartum and recover his body, his self-esteem > and your daily routines without limitations.

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