Why train with a personal trainer by PT Cláudia Dias

In recent times, a lot has been said about training with a personal trainer . With the expansion of the fitness market, accompanied training is already well known by people who attend the gym or who think about attending.

What is training with a personal trainer?

The main distinguishing features of training with a personal trainer (or PT) consist of adaptation and planning . In accompanied training, these aspects are properly taken care of by a qualified professional, who is able to follow from athletes to people with clinical conditions. PT evaluates the client’s specificities and prescribes a training tailored to each individual .

A closer relationship is generated that can take different forms: training can be individualized, in pairs or in groups. training in pairs or in groups can be feasible and even beneficial, but only if customers have similar needs and goals.Treinar com um personal trainer

Who is the accompanying training for?

The goals of someone who starts their training routine with a personal trainer can be quite varied. They range from esthetics to health , through loss of fat > or by increasing muscle mass . There are also those who want to lower cholesterol, control hypertension, achieve mental stability or simply improve their physical condition .

Train with a personal trainer is a great choice for anyone who starts to exercise and wants to have a more active life. It is also advantageous for people who have tried to play sports on their own several times, but without success. In addition to all this, PT is an excellent ally for those looking to save time, increase training intensity or focus on certain goals.

There are specific groups in which the security that training with a personal trainer provides is of utmost importance for proper practice. These groups include the elderly, pregnant women and individuals with clinical conditions.

Seriously consider accompanied training if you have hernias, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or joint pathologies. The synergy doctor – personal trainer has come to cement itself, so the decision to train with a PT is increasingly legitimate.

What are the advantages of training with a personal trainer ?


specific planning is done taking into account the client’s physical condition and objectives, among other factors. The intensity, volume and type of training are taken into account by the personal trainer . These factors are outlined and monitored according to the person that the PT has ahead of them.


In the personalized training , each session, exercise sequence, series, repetition and load is designed based on the person and the goals that move you to train. Thus, the practice of physical exercise becomes much more motivating.

Frequent physical assessments

With this closer monitoring, reassessments become a key instrument, both for the personal trainer and for the athlete. Quantifying the results is a way to motivate the person, but it also serves to adjust the training (if necessary) depending on the relationship between the objectives set and achieved.


PT is the most qualified professional to put someone to do, for example, squats without joining the knees or bending the back too much. Training with a personal trainer prevents injuries and ensures that the correct postures during the exercises.

Time management

Most people have time to train. We know that there are days when you can’t even go to the gym and others when there is little desire and tiredness is a lot. When training with a personal trainer , each session is scheduled subject to the availability of both. Together, they find strategies to manage time so that the practice is regular, ensuring the results.

Training with a personal trainer is an excellent service, effective and safe , based on knowledge theoretical-practical. It requires empathy between the two parties, a very important factor considering that the watchword is continuity .

Training with a personal trainer requires some time availability , but not as much as you might think. Depending on a number of factors, the duration is variable: sessions tend to take between 30 and 60 minutes.

The important thing is that you retain that training with a personal trainer should be seen as an investment in your health !

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